Re: [CR]seat post bolt question

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Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 09:09:25 +1200
From: "David Benson" <>
To: ADP <>
Subject: Re: [CR]seat post bolt question
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Ann I'm not so sure that the the seat post bolt on a Super Record post really had a 13mm head- every one I've had has been more like 1/2". The allen head bolt for the C-Record seat post part #7350162, will fit. This is not the same bolt as the the one on more common Chorus/Athena/Victory seat post, which had a coarser thread. Alternately, SRP used to make a Ti bolt, which you might be able to find. David Benson Auckland, NZ

ADP wrote:
> Ok, I know I'm might be committing some kind of serious blasphemy here
> in asking this, so please forgive me in advance. My boyfriend's
> Waterford uses a 27.4 post and most of the modern options just didn't
> float his boat. The boating floating post was a Campy 27.4 post which
> a list member (thanks, Tom!) was kind enough to sell me. It uses a
> single bolt for the seat clamp, looks great, is the right length and
> he likes it a lot. So I'm feeling I gave him a nice present.
> Only problem, and this is where the blasphemy part comes in, is the
> bolt that tightens the seat clamp is a 13mm hex head, not a bolt
> adjustable with an allen key. He'd like it to be an allen bolt, is
> there anything about that bolt (strange size and/or threading) that
> means he cannot use another fastener in it's place? I
> Me - well I'd carry a 13mm wrench, and not worry about it, but then
> again he wouldn't ride something non indexing, so there you have it!
> Ann Phillips - Decatur GA