Re: [CR]seat post bolt question

Example: Framebuilders:Brian Baylis
Date: Wed, 09 Jul 2003 14:12:04 -0700
From: "Chuck Schmidt" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]seat post bolt question
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I never had any problems with the original 13 mm hex bolt on the Nuovo Super Record seatpost. Always used the Campagnolo #2025 "Special brake spanner" for adjustments (wrench measures approx. 6" and thin). Also never had the adjustment slip, so I never carried the wrench either. (I also never had problems with the Cinelli 1R stem though, so my experiences might not be the norm.)

Chuck "yur milage might vary" Schmidt South Pasadena, CA

Wayne Bingham wrote:
> Ah. The old, weird 13mm hex fixing bolt. What was Campy thinking,
> anyway? Go ahead and change the bolt to a quality 6mm hex of similar
> specs, as Brian suggests. Make sure there's a washer under the bolt
> head. I've done it numerous times, and it's even sort of period
> correct, since it was a fairly common "upgrade" at the time.
> Ciao -
> Wayne Bingham
> Falls Church VA
> >>>Ann,
> There is a 6mm allen bolt version of that seat post; the generation just
> after the 13mm hex version that you have. I've never tried it, but I
> suspect the parts are interchangable. I also seem to remember some
> aftermarket alloy seat bolts, but I'm not sure that is a real good place
> for such a bolt under the circumstances. I also think a properly
> threaded and proper length regular allen bolt would work; I would put
> two washers under the head of the allen bolt.
> Brian Baylis
> La Mesa, CA
> >
> > Ok, I know I'm might be committing some kind of serious blasphemy here
> in
> > asking this, so please forgive me in advance. My boyfriend's
> Waterford
> > uses a 27.4 post and most of the modern options just didn't float his
> > boat. The boating floating post was a Campy 27.4 post which a list
> member
> > (thanks, Tom!) was kind enough to sell me. It uses a single bolt for
> the
> > seat clamp, looks great, is the right length and he likes it a lot. So
> I'm
> > feeling I gave him a nice present.
> >
> > Only problem, and this is where the blasphemy part comes in, is the
> bolt
> > that tightens the seat clamp is a 13mm hex head, not a bolt adjustable
> with
> > an allen key. He'd like it to be an allen bolt, is there anything
> about
> > that bolt (strange size and/or threading) that means he cannot use
> another
> > fastener in it's place? I
> >
> > Me - well I'd carry a 13mm wrench, and not worry about it, but then
> again
> > he wouldn't ride something non indexing, so there you have it!
> >
> > Ann Phillips - Decatur GA