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If you liked this year's bagels, Next year its egg creams with Fox's U-Bet syrup.

"Wishing I could convince the fringe to do whatever is neccessary to get to N.C. Yes, Goodrich, Helman, Bell, Berger, Albert, etc. I'm talking to youse!" You can add Jersey Boyz Ray Holminski and Steve Willis to that list.

Oh yeah, talking with Peter Gilbert and figuring out that we knew each other 20 years ago when we both lived in Northern California and worked in San Leandro.

Mike Schmidt
Stirling, NJ

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> > Well,
> > I've almost recovered from my sleep deprivation of this past weekend.
> 5
> > hours a night (or less!) at my delicate age just don't cut it.
> > Some thoughts:
> > -The look on Dan Artley's face when he talks about his Honda hot rods. 16
> > years old again!
> > -The joy on Bob Hovey's face put there by his "new" Masi Special.
> > -Pete Weigle's glow over the "button" award to Dale.
> > -Harvey Sach's stepping up to the plate to assist me and Johnny Baron at
> the
> > auction.
> > -The look on my face when Harvey started to "sell"!
> > -Johnny Barron's look when he told me the amount raised at the auction. I
> > expected a couple of hundred bucks; maybe.
> > -Brian Baylis when he declared himself the son Faliero never had when he
> > visually caressed that bad boy 1948 track iron. Davie Staub would sure
> > liked see'n that one.
> > -Wishing I could convince the fringe to do whatever is neccessary to get
> to
> > N.C. Yes, Goodrich, Helman, Bell, Berger, Albert, etc. I'm talking to
> > youse!
> > -Mike Lebron's exhaustion on arrival and joy on winning an award. He'll
> be
> > back.
> > -Jamie Swan and I just sitting on the bleachers on Sunday; taking it all
> > in.
> > -Chasing at 25mph the "lead group" only to catch and find out it was the
> > "chase group". More chasing.... then "we're lost". At least I was on a
> 32
> > plus pound touring bike and not a fixed gear.
> > -Gentle rideing around Irving Park. NICE.
> > -Packing bikes yet again with B.B. in "the loft".
> > -Hard core negotiations with Giusseppe Bender Zannoni. The guy beat me
> up!
> > -Mikie Schmit's just being glad to be there. And bagles from Jersey!
> Class
> > act. Thanks.
> > -Ray Etherton's "confession. Only you and I and the Mrs. will know. But
> > whose Mrs.?
> > -Rideing Charlie Young's Death Cycle Speedwell. Are you sure the b.b.
> isn't
> > disloged fron the tubes?
> > -Wayne B., you lucky dog. I'm still in lust. Speeking of
> > lust....Lisa....ughhhh....IHOP...ughhhh...
> > -Peter Gilbert's most generous offer at the auction. Thank you.
> > -Karen Rawls treat'n me to BBQ. UMMMMMM....
> -Mark Poores resonating voice; the smile comes right through.
> -Tom Sanders' beating me in a sprint. In your dreams Tom. No, really.
> -Me and Jan Johnson laying down on the forth floor. Peter dosen't read
> this so I'm O.K.
> -Paulie and Rita Lee on a fixie tandem and then on the old Raymond
> Valance tandem. Paulie you guys made it happen. BVVW members rock!