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Subject: Re: [CR]"NOS" Allegro, something to yodel about or...
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2004 13:50:17 -0800
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Dale -- Nope, no trash talk here. Plus, I have no background, or baggage, range-fed or otherwise with Cycleart or any refurber or bike artist for that matter. But, NOS is NOS, pure and simple: It is or isn't. No matter how smiling and attentive, refurb isn't NOS because it can't be.

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Trash talk? Sheesh what are YOU smoking over there in PB? The pinstripes look far better executed than those "I" have seen from swiss bikes way back when, and by the way whats "too much color coded" mean? Is it supposed to be "off"?

The bike appears to be what is described, nos and re-decalled and clear-coated by Cyclart, if there is ANY criticism it might be to calling it "NOS" when really it appears to have had detail refurb, and a clear spray added.

No harm no foul to a truly "attentive" -smile- buyer, the only harm here is in unecessarily needling an item on squeebay....which seems to happen a lot when Cyclart is mentioned there. Do you have a beef with them or what?

Dale Phelps LOngmont CO

JB Froke <> wrote: True, the 'NOS' Allegro is a beaut; but is anyone else suspicious of the paintjob? The smoke seems plausible, and if NOS; wonderful, but the blue lug-edging is more than a bit off: color is just too much coded to the logo and then not very well executed. Not at all to Swiss standards of the day. By contrast and for gorgeous representation, see the recent discussion and pictures of a Swiss Condor on this site; or variously on Stefan's.speedcycles!! Impressed, but leary of claim. If it weren't only the bike that had been smoking, and one could really get an NOS Allegro for a fourth the price of an NOS Masi, I'd be yodeling all the way to the Alps.

JB Froke Pebble Beach, CA

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