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Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2004 08:30:21 -0800
From: "alan" <worthy2@earthlink.net>
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Subject: [CR]Re: Masi headbadge

> 1. Masi head badge/decal
>On this '64 Masi:
>And again here:
>What is everything? The red stuff? The white stuff?
>The blue(turquoise) stuff? And is that a sword or
>dagger hidden behind the white stuff? What's it all
>supposed to SAY?
>Joe Starck,
> Well, I'll take a guess at it based on nothing more than my very limited knowledge of Heraldry: This is a coat of arms, often mistakenly referred to as a crest, though it's so highly stylized it may not bear any resemblance to the original, if there ever was one. The blue shield bears an elaborate red fleur-de-lis, this as I recall the symbol of Florence, not Milan. (Milans being the "Cross of St. George", red on a white field). The white elements symbolize flowing fabric, think silk scarves or pennants/flags, that sort of thing...the "dagger" may be a dagger, may just be a diamond or "lozenge", I don't know. The family name MASI should appear below the shield in a banner if at all, not within the shield. The whole thing is so redrawn I suspect it's got nothing to do with any real Masi family coat of arms, but who know...I'm sure that one of you do! Just for point of reference, compare this to the Cinelli coat of arms on his headbadge, or to the Alfa-Romeo badge which contains the red cross of Milan on one half of the shield. Alan Goldsworthy San Francisco, CA (my coat of arms available by special request, only :c)