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Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 21:33:28 -0600
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From: "Douglas Morrell" <>
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Don: Good sleuthing. Was the Competition limited to 1971 model year? I don't see it in the Retro Raleigh site for 1970 or 1972, and the site has no 1971 catalog (nor does Bulgier's, IIRC). What is that stamping on the top of the BB right side on that eBay Competition?

Doug Morrell Cold drizzle in STL MO

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The mystery bike was a 1971 competition :<blah> 4949

This was a 1971 raleigh international :<blah> &photoDisplayType=2#ebayphotohosting

Notice that a Raleigh International fork has a heavy vagner crown with the triangular sides and a cutout window, with a gold inset, in the shape "D-". The international crown has "V" epaulets.

The raleigh competition had a "|C" type of fork that is way lighter than a raleigh international fork, with no epaulets, and which tapers to a pencil-thin tube. Both bikes have nervex lugs, nervex bottom bracket, campagnolo ends, and wrap-over seatstays.

- Don "hard to tell the difference" Gillies San Diego, CA