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Subject: Re: [CR] Accles & Pollock was help with a Hobbs (Duncan Granger)
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2004 15:18:15 -0500

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sam lingo,pleasanton tx

Gosh, is there is nothing that's not explained on the internet?

This is fascinating but the time-line doesn't even mention cycle tubing or when they phased it out. I am certain Hilary Stone explained all this, quite possibly in one of his erudite eBay listings. Someone should get some web space together just to store all of his splendid pix and information.

It's telling that our friends at Tube Investments apparently owned BOTH Reynolds and Accles & Pollock so they most likely eventually settled on which one should get the cycle tubing trade.

The biggest question is: did Accles & Pollock seat tube transfers self-destruct like Reynolds ones do? That would be my major criteria for choosing one over the other.

Peter Kohler Washington, DC USA

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