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I wrote, perhaps obscurely:
> > What gets amusing is that some of the _same_ terms are used to
>> refer to _different_ parts of cars. Examples that come to mind are
> > "hood" & "boot" but I believe there are others as well.

Steven Sheffield replied:
>Bonnet == hood == front of motorcar.
>Trunk == boot == back of motorcar.
>I've never heard of the trunk/boot being referred to as the "hood" ...

Sorry if I wasn't clear, I didn't mean to suggest that these terms referred to the converse parts.

In British usage, a "hood" is a converible top.

In U.S. usage, a "boot" is a rubber covering, typically found over a universal joint or a CV joint. I don't know what the Brits call those, but I'll bet it's something different.

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