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> Charles,
> Comment:
> After communications with you awhile back about a Basso made Pogliaghi that
> I had acquired, where you made the unquestionable assertions that though the
> frame may have been nice, a mule could far better trace it's lineage to a
> donkey, than one could a Basso made Pog to the "real" Pog, now you are
> saying that there is maybe a chance for legitimacy? Am I free to revive my
> excitement over the Pog I once owned?
> Dennis Young
> Hotaka, Japan

that might have been before I had additional information, which I shared with the list. C'mon. I don't claim infallibility, and the fact remains that I have no idea what the relationship really was between Basso and Pogliaghi. Which is why I posted the post below.

I wouldn't presume to tell anyone how to feel about their bike. But I will say what I think... and my opinion, of course, is worth exactly what you pay for it..or not. ;>

I know I'd rather have a Pogliaghi made in Sante's shop, than one made by Rossin, or Basso. As much because I happen to like the style of those bikes in general, as compared to the later bikes. But that has nothing to do with whether any of these bikes is "good" or not. It has purely to do with what we like, or don't. That's the problem with taste, it's in our mouths, and everyone tastes things differently.

Charles Andrews SoCal

> > http://ebay.com/<blah>
> > B:SS:US:1
> >
> > it seems a nice bike of its kind. I'm wondering just when it was made. If
> > the parts are original, and it
> > seems like they probably are (big assumption I know, but..) then this *might*
> > be
> > one of the bikes the Basso brothers made in consultation with Sante, who
> > was in retirement. I shared some brochure text awhile back that stated that
> > Basso worked directly with Pogliaghi to revive the marque, from the
> > text, it sure seemed like Pogliaghi would have had some input into how
> > the Basso steeds were designed, and how they looked.
> >
> > It might be earlier (did Rossin own the name, then sell it to Basso by the
> > late 80s or some such? I thought I had this straight but now I wonder).
> >
> > Anyway, my point, aside from saying this is a rather nice bike, imho, is that,
> > if
> > this is a Basso-made product, one might reasonably say that it is
> > something close to a legitimate Pogliaghi, if Sante was involved in
> > production somehow, or design, anyway.
> >
> > I've always felt that the frames made in Pogliaghi's shop, under his
> > supervision were the real deal, and once he left, and his shop closed,
> > that was the end. But, maybe not...
> >
> > I mean, what if e-ritchie went into retirement (perish the thought), then
> > Specialized sought him out for a frame with his name on it, made by
> > Specialized, but designed and otherwise spec'd by Ritchie. Is it a Sachs?
> > Or isn't it? It's more a Sachs than the current Haro Masis, seems to me.
> > Maybe that's as nonsensical as being a little bit pregnant, though.. is this
> > kind of thing black-and-white, or shades of grey, or does it depend on
> > who's asking, or telling?
> >
> > Comments?
> >
> > Charles Andrews