Re: [CR]bike boxing & ebay pricing

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Subject: Re: [CR]bike boxing & ebay pricing
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 21:17:47 +0000

Hi Bob, What you do is totally fair and equitable. Most buyers I would assume simply deduct all these "costs" from the amount they want to pay for the bike. Call it boxing fees or what have you, you're basically getting the total amount someone is willing to pay for the bike.

IMHO, psychologically, people prefer to not have a boxing fee and would rather just bid up the bike. Quite frankly the fee pisses some people off to the point of not bidding. This is why this thread comes up a few times a year.

I figure the more people that bid on my stuff the more money I'll make. My time, gas, etc, is all just a cost of doing business.

regards, Rod Kronenberg Fort Collins, CO
> When I sell a bike on ebay I charge $25 for boxing, plus actual shipping, but
> per ebay's requirements, I state it in the ad listing. I think that is more
> than fair, as I spend at least an hour boxing a bike. Plus, someone local who
> doesn't need it shipped can pick it up and not pay the boxing and shipping.
> I think that people who want a bike boxed for nothing will get what they pay

> for.


> Bob Freeman

> Seattle