[CR]Re: Mike Celmins of Santa Barbara

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Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 14:02:19 -0400
Subject: [CR]Re: Mike Celmins of Santa Barbara

Mike Celmins was a VERY big name in town in the 1970's. I've seen a half-dozen of his frames & although I've never ridden one, they were all quite nice-looking. I believe they all had Cinelli bb's and fork-crowns. I've heard he quit building in the early 1980's, disgusted that he wasn't earning enough from his efforts. (Can anyone verify this?). I believe his shop was located in a miserable little complex of old buildings, next to a junkyard, on a dirt road just east of the Santa Barbara airport. I've bid on a couple of Celmins, but not seriously because they weren't my size. One I missed out on, which gripes me to this day, was owned by a UCSB coach. I showed up with the money in hand, only to find another bidder already there. The bike sparkled in the sunlight; a delicate-looking, purpose-built TT. The coach conducted an 'interview' to see what each of us would use the bike for. The other bidder, (a disreputable, smirking, beer-belly, lying dog) claimed he would put it on a stationary trainer. I said it was much too rare for that; I'd preserve it by mounting it on the wall. I lost the interview. Jim Hultman Santa Barbara is clear & 80 degrees today; a perfect day for a Celmins.