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Subject: FW: [CR]Maxi-Car Hub Help
Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 18:27:44 +0200

Sorry, forgot to sign off properly and to mention that Maxi-Car spare parts are not available anywhere anymore, except the ball bearings which are industrial standard but a very expensive one, different to other bearings used in bicycle hubs. You can get them from Gilles Berthoud: http://www.gillesberthoud.fr


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The Maxi-Cars in this "trumpet" shape are the last version and have been built until the late 90s , so 130mm rears are nothing unusual. You can install them into a 126mm frame directly. It won't do any harm to frame or hub. I'd recommend a top of the line (silver or gold, not black) Sachs/Maillard 7 or 8speed freewheel. Are you sure about the french threads? Sounds unusual for a late Maxi Car. Detailed Pics and description (german) can be found at http://mitglied.lycos.de/GiMichael/maxicar_nabe.html


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