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A bit more information for the archives about Recherché frames from Dave Moulton: "....Recherché; this frame was a 'private label frame' I built for Rancho Bernardo Schwinn and was sold exclusively by them. I believe the store is no longer in business or if it is, it is under a different name. The owners were two brothers Kyle and Kevin.... and their last name escapes me. Rancho Bernardo is in North San Diego. The frames were only produced in a very limited number for about two years from 1985 to 1987 as I recall. There were probably less than 200 built. I built the frames along side the Fusos. If I had orders for Recherché frames of a certain size I would wait until I was building Fusos the same size and would build them together. So the Recherché is essentially the same frame as the Fuso. Just a different name and decal and one or two other little touches to make it different. Like the fork crown with two grooves cast in the top; the seatstay caps were different and the treatment of the fork tips and rear drop out attachment. The brass was allowed to sink into the end of the tube. This is a typical style French frame builders use and which I was imitating."

Dave mentions that someone wrote to him recently about a Recherché frame they picked up in San Diego and he hopes to have a photo of it soon on his website (www.prodigalchild.net). The Dave Moulton bike pictured at http://www.prodigalchild.net/Bicycle5.htm is one seriously beautiful bike in my opinion. And CR list member T. Shaw's Dave Moulton http://www.prodigalchild.net/Bicycle4.htm is another beauty.

Angel Garcia
Long Valley, NJ