RE: [CR][outing] 1967 Hetchins Magnus Opus Phase II, 57cm

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Subject: RE: [CR][outing] 1967 Hetchins Magnus Opus Phase II, 57cm
Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 07:15:00 -0600
Thread-Topic: [CR][outing] 1967 Hetchins Magnus Opus Phase II, 57cm
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The rear derailleur looks like a Huret. Original??

Dan Mazzeo Morrison, CO

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Pity that the pictures aren't any better. They appear to be blown up from a smaller format--maybe a cell-phone camera, lordy help us!

Still seems like a nice bike, though. A couple details are worth noting, first, the charming use of a nondescript hex bolt for the seatpost (damaged ears on the lug?) and, second, a rear center-pull brake hanger on the inside of the triangle. (Am I interpreting this right? Still can't believe my eyes...!) Apparently no downtube artwork, or, more likely, it's flaked off. It'd be nice to know what it had.

Does anyone have a comment on the very small third sprocket on the crank? In my experience, the long drop from the second sprocket to the third often causes the chain to miss the sprocket completely. Even in modern cranks. Not fun when it happens on a steep hill.

Steve Maas Dublin, Ireland

Chris Collins wrote:
> No Relation to seller.
> Interesting looking gig for us restoration-ally minded riders.
> 1967 Hetchins Magnum Opus Phase !!, unrestored, 57 cm
> --Chris
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