Re: [CR]Re: Garth Libre is a twit . . .

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Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 05:45:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: "r garni" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Garth Libre is a twit . . .
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Hello Everyone,

I think that this forum is designed for sharing opinions and imparting information. Garth did the former. I do not feel that he did so in order to directly or indirectly insult anyone on the list, and it is my opinion that he honestly feels those opinions which he expressed.

Is it the sort of opinion that gets one's panties in a bunch? Yes. Should we disagree if we do? Of course.

No reason, though, why we should be harsh, unkind or mean-spirited. Remember, we are all in this together, and there aren't that many of us out there. Let's be friends as they circle the wagons, OK?

Ricky Garni
Carrboro, NC

--- wrote:

> I am so glad that Jon Williams called Garth Libre on

\r?\n> his pathetic series

\r?\n> of sour and scurrilous accusations towards Lance

\r?\n> Armstrong and drug

\r?\n> usage. I must ask where the obviously omniscient Mr.

\r?\n> Libre gets his

\r?\n> proof of said accusations ? As the race leader Lance

\r?\n> has had to submit

\r?\n> to mandatory drug testing after every stage, and he

\r?\n> has been subject to

\r?\n> many surprise tests throughout the season over the

\r?\n> years . . . AND . . .

\r?\n> NOTHING !

\r?\n> Lance has come through as clean as a whistle and to

\r?\n> cast doubt without

\r?\n> as much of a scintilla of proof just underscores

\r?\n> what a total mo-ron Mr.

\r?\n> Libre is.


\r?\n> Additionally, Garth's self-hatred as evidenced by

\r?\n> his" Lance is an

\r?\n> American, but

\r?\n> >>instead of pride, I feel shame... Shame for the

\r?\n> kind of world that we

\r?\n> >>have created." just turns my stomach. I am

\r?\n> shedding great big

\r?\n> crocodile tears for you, Garth. It is a pity that

\r?\n> someone as "sensitive"

\r?\n> and "thoughtful" as you has to go through life with

\r?\n> that sense of shame

\r?\n> hanging over you.


\r?\n> I too am saddened. I am saddened that I happen to

\r?\n> have read many of your

\r?\n> postings over the past few months. Usually when I

\r?\n> see your name on the

\r?\n> header I try and pass the posting because I know

\r?\n> that something terrible

\r?\n> is lurking inside. Unfortunately, a few times I have

\r?\n> ventured into them

\r?\n> and found a sour, cheap, and ignorant person whose

\r?\n> lack of intelligence

\r?\n> is underscored by his willingness to voice his

\r?\n> opinion on so many topics

\r?\n> that he shows a true ignorance of.


\r?\n> Finally, the "everything was better in the old days"

\r?\n> sentiment is more

\r?\n> empty "posturing" at its worst. That kind of

\r?\n> ridiculous attitude is what

\r?\n> causes less-experienced riders to write off all of

\r?\n> us "older" riders as

\r?\n> a bunch of boring old farts. In this case though,

\r?\n> Garth, you truly do

\r?\n> qualify. In the future please just let us speculate

\r?\n> on your stupidity,

\r?\n> don't open your mouth and prove it.


\r?\n> Now I can relax and go take my meds that I got from

\r?\n> Ted E. Baer, and go

\r?\n> back to Ebay,


\r?\n> M. Fabian

\r?\n> San Francisco, CA