[CR]A Waller Cycles

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From: "neil foddering" <neilfoddering@hotmail.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 10:33:57 +0000
Subject: [CR]A Waller Cycles

Does any of you own either of the Waller short wheelbase "Kingsland" or "Kingsbury" models, which were produced in England in the late 40's and early 50's? (I'm aware of Nelson Miller's Kingsbury on the CR Classic British page http://www.classicrendezvous.com/British/Waller/Waller.htm).

If so, I would welcome details of model, frame size and serial number plus any other relevant information, as I'm researching these unusual frames.

I'm new to the list, so a few brief details about myself. I live in Weymouth, on England's south coast, and I research, collect, restore (where appropriate) and ride British lightweights from the 1930's, 40's, 50's and 60's. I have 14 machines/framesets from that period, including (as of last month) the 1949 Waller Kingsbury frameset illustrated in black and white on the same page as Nelson's. I'm particulaly interested in machines with unusual frames.

Neil Foddering
Weymouth, England