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Subject: Re: [CR]Re: The Invisible Scot. Beware of this guy!
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 14:14:29 -0400

What a psycho....

Doesn't he know the 3 iron is a better choice to make the dents smaller and more numerous...definitely not worth dealing with him again til he brushes up on bikes and golf.

Walter Skrzypek
Falls Creek, Pa

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>I was the one that made the $10 bid on the "Flying Scot" the other day.
> frame actually did exist and may well be a prewar Scot, if not a prewar
> something at least, with a headclip headset and some other nice parts. He
> h
> ad sent
> pics to another fellow who sent them to me. So I wrote to the guy and
> asked
> if I could have my contact over there go fetch it for me (Bob Reid of the
> Flying Scot website). You may be entertained by the reply. The first one
> i
> s in
> the middle, my reply below, and the last at the top. Guess this guy's
> ebay
> days
> are over! The guy's name is Martin Harvey by the way and his ebay handle
> is
> martinh1654. Steer clear should he ever put something up again!
> cheers
> Bob Freeman
> Seattle
> "Ok, i'll be less polite this time around! Fuck off you spoilt brat,
> irrespective of whether you won the auction or not, there is no way i'm
> having someone pick it up on behalf of some guy in the states, a little
> too
> informal for my iliking. As regards your contact, he can fuck off too.
> Furthermore, do you seriously think that i am going to entetain any of
> this
> for a mere $10! If so, then i reccomend that you stay off the crack my go
> od
> man. And as for requesting more pics, you even reply to this, let alone
> make a request, then the only pics you will recieve are those of a frame
> which i have personally gave a good thwacking with a 9 iron. I bid you a
> good life and hope that you now appreciate the sentiment of my original "
> email.
> M
>>Subject: Re: SAD NEWS
>>Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 05:34:30 EDT
>>In a message dated 9/11/05 5:17:06 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
>> writes:
>> > Unfortunately Bob, i have been made aware that the frame is not the
>> > deal', so to speak. This was brought to my attention by a bicycle
>> > enthusiast who, after inspecting the badge, informed me of the fact
>> > that
>> > 'Glasgow CA' isn't inscribed and as a consequence the frame is in
>> > actual
>> > fact a replica. I sincerely apologise for this and appreciate all
>> > shown. I stumbled upon the frame itself in a disused garden shed and,
>> > being astute enough to realise the significance of the 'Glasgow CA',
>> >
>> > that it held some value. Again, i apologise for any false hope i may
>> > given to all who have shown interest.
>> >
>>Regardless, I have won the auction and would like to have my contact there
>>take a look at it and tell me what he thinks. Will let you know as soon
> as
>>hear from him. Peter Brown has sent me the pictures of it that you sent
>>him and
>>while I agree it may not be a Scot, it is definitely pre-1950.
>>Alternatively, would you be willing to drop it off at a cycle shop for
>>packing and
>>shipping? I would also appreciate if you could send me some close-up pic
> s,
>>particularly of the front, like I have shown in the attached pic, and of
>>the rear
>>dropouts, and perhaps the bottom bracket area.