RE: [CR] Isn't the solution easy? Only click thru Re: Ebay Based Scams

(Example: Production Builders:Cinelli)

Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 13:54:15 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Louis Schulman" <>
To: Jeff Potter <>,
Subject: RE: [CR] Isn't the solution easy? Only click thru Re: Ebay Based Scams

This is only partly true.

I have personally been getting eBay to shut down scam listings. Normally, I use "ask seller a question" to inform the owner of a hijacked account about the unwarranted activity.

Lately, the scammers have caught on to this, and when they hijack an account, they change the e-mail address to direct the e-mail to themselves. So, I have ended up sending warnings directly to scammers, through the eBay site.

I got a scam second chance offer, and ended up having a very enjoyable run around with a scammer. I finally got him to say he was in London (of course he wasn't), but for some reason when I said I was there too, let's have lunch, I didn't hear back....

Louis Schulman Tampa, FL

On Wed, Sep 21, 2005 at 1:16 PM, Jeff Potter wrote:
> Isn't the solution to these scammers easy? Just go straight to
> from your browser then pay any invoices from there or accept
> any second-chances from there, or reply to any buyer/seller questions
> from there. Their homepage is untouchable, right?
> You can also trust sending or doing anything with PayPal from the
> PayPal site, only ever accessed from a new window opened from your
> browser with typed into your address window or using your
> own bookmark---never from an email link.
> Simple rule: NEVER EVER click into any financial anything from an
> email! Not ebay, not PayPal, not nuttin'.
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