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Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 13:13:41 -0600
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From: Brook Watts <brook.watts@comcast.net>
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I have all those Kennedy Bros. Tour books and a quick check shows the Boston-Mavic team is not listed a participants in those years. In fact I'm unfamiliar with that team at all. Is it possible you mean the RMO-Mavic team of the late 80's?

I just sent a note to some Euro cycling historians to get some info

Brook Watts Longmont Colo USA

>You need to get hold of the Tour books published by Kennedy Brothers.
>These are paperbacks and were printed yearly and are titled Tour
>followed by their respective years. I think from 1979 onwards they
>covered the TdeF and Giro in one book previously they were two separate
>books. Try Hillary its the sort of thing he might have.
>Best wishes Mick Butler Huntingdon UK.
>On Thu, 13 Oct 2005 09:21:40 -0700, sante_pogliaghi@mac.com said:
>> I'm trying to find info on the Boston-Mavic pro team from 1979-1980. This
>> was the 1st team to ride "tout Mavic" on the early Mavic SSC group. Does
>> anyone have articles scanned or magazines they'd sell? Any photos of a
>> team bike?
>> thanks
>> jack Bissell
>> Tucson, Az,
>> home of the bike swap on 11/12/05
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