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I have been really enjoying the vehement (although cordial) exchanges on lug related painting techniques. While evidently we have some polar opposites on this topic, I for one am not convinced that this subject is that cut and dried (no pun intended) with one technique being superior to the other. I have seen numerous examples of both techniques that were superbly executed. The effect of highlighting the lug by having the edge be the same color and contrasting with the tube color is often dramatic, but beautifully filed lugs with other color edges that match the tube when well rendered makes them seem to melt into the tubes with an ever so elegant transition. Pretty compelling as well. Instead of dogmatically favoring one over the other, I prefer to look at this as an (yet another!) excuse to expand my collection to include more excellent examples of both. Color choices aside, it would tend to get somewhat boring if all frames were done the same. Come on guys! A lot of this is supposed to be about self expression and the builders philosophies and personalities being represented in their frames. That's what makes riding them and appreciating their aesthetics so much more fun than the mass market versions... And we haven't even touched on the effect of different lug designs/shapes, and which ones lend themselves to one technique versus the other; much less lug lining in contrasting colors! I can't wait to see where this discussion is going to go now...

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I've been reading Jamie Swan's and Doug Fattic's emails about whether the lug should be painted the color of the lug or the color of the tube. Dale updated the CR Website framebuilders today with my Michael Celmins bike that I got from Tom Sanders. I have to credit Tom with the pics. Interestingly, I believe that the Celmins is painted "Doug's way" with the edges of the lugs being the color of the adjacent tube. I find the fork crown pleasing to the eye in this case. I'm sure there are other uses that I would equally be pleased the other way. Here is the link to the Celmins so you can see with your own eyes one painted "Doug's way". Lou Deeter, Orlando FL