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Mr. Richard Sachs, archive reader par excellence, reports:

"these are dubois. they made a ref 32 model with spoons "welded" to the tops AND bottoms in an effort to lengthen the points. rather than retool, they simply added on.


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<< Sheldon has my old Picchio tandem that has these lugs and a beautiful fork. Maybe he'll post the link to it.

Wm. Lewis brought the tandems and these purple Specials into the US while I was working for him briefly in 1983 . Angelo's work was truly artisan. I understand he did a lot of sub-contract work for others. We also had Picchio work stands and a crude trainer (rear wheel mounted on a roller). When I went over to Campy USA I recommended the Picchio workstands for the LA Olympic games for each of the team cabins at the velodrome--that order of 60 stands must have been a shock to Picchio! >>

Thanks Brooks. I had one of those work stands too!

The bb shell was interesting too. Looked like almost a sand casting.. short points, and thick. Makes me wonder if he had "sprung" for his own lugs & bb. If so, he would have been one of the very few at that time.

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