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Norris, Many thanks for the reply and information I found it fascinating. As soon as you mentioned the "Campionissimo" and the Herne Hill contract it rang all sorts of bells. I have kept most of the stuff on the Continentals who raced here during that period so you sent me looking. This is what I found on that historic September Herne Hill meet. It was indeed the Italo Berigliano who brought Coppi to London on behalf of the Velo Club Sacchi. The others who rode that day were Roger Arnold, Brian Robinson and Nino Defilippis. I think Coppi won the pursuit, he also rode in a 5kms points race and a 10kms motor paced. This last event was behind Vespa scooters and I think Berigliano was something to do with them. There was a famous Italian bike shop in Paddington or near to the Edgeware Road that had really got involved in the scooter craze and was kitting them up, this place became one of the mecca for mods in the scooter crazed 60's. I always used Eddy Grimsteads another famous former lightweight shop. For the life of me I can't remember the other Italian shops name. Sorry I can't be more specific but I only have the pictures and captions left in a very old and tired scrapbook. Be lucky Mick --
    Michael Francis Butler