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Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 21:47:25 +0000

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> >Also, there were two definite sets of requirements to become 753
> >certified. Early on, you had to submit an entire frame that was then
> >destructively tested. Since that was rather costly for the applicant,
> >Reynolds realized that a more relaxed set of requirements would be >>needed. This is the "marketing hype" test that Brandon is referring to >>(below). Big, big difference....
> I don't think there were two different standards. Reynolds realized very > few people were going to waste the money to send them a whole frame > so they changed it to a bb shell with a seat tube, down tube and chain > stays. They test parameters remained the same. This was a good move >by Reynolds given that they're in the business of selling their materials. >The test basically was checked for silver penetration and what the >tensile strength of the tubing was post brazing. The same test ?>parameters regardless of complete frame or bb shell. FWIW the first bb >shell I ever brazed with silver was on my 753 test. Passed with flying >colors. I agree with everyone's earlier sentiment that the whole 753 >certification was a marketing thing with very little value.
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> I didn't say two different sets of standards, I said two sets of requirements, early and "less early." You just verified that.... We're saying the same thing here. Greg Parker Ann Arbor, Michigan