RE: [CR]Replacement fixing bolts for Campagnolo handlebar controls?

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Subject: RE: [CR]Replacement fixing bolts for Campagnolo handlebar controls?
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Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2006 07:47:15 -0800
Thread-Topic: [CR]Replacement fixing bolts for Campagnolo handlebar controls?
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From: "Mark Bulgier" <>
To: "Charles T. Young" <>, <>

Charlie Young wrote:
> Anyone out there have a loose set of Campagnolo handlebar
> controls that could check the characteristics of the fixing
> bolts? I was about to affix a pair that had been sitting in a
> bin of parts during refitting of a Ron Cooper.. After
> removing the levers from the control body, I noticed that
> neither of the two had the fixing bolts (grrrr...).
> I seem to recall that Suntour versions use a LH thread and
> I'm hoping that this is not the case with the Campagnolo
> fastener. Ideally, an off the shelf bolt could be used and,
> if necessary, filed a bit to serve the purpose. Not above
> doing a bit of bodging here, I suppose.

Not sure which bolt you mean. The one that holds the lever to the perch is 5 x 0.8, a very common thread. You need 21 mm of length not counting the head. The Campy bolt is threaded all the way to the head but there could be some unthreaded section, not sure how much, maybe 5 to 8 mm. The head is 9 mm in diameter.

There are no left-hand threads on a Suntour or a Campy.

Get back to me if you mean the bolt that expands the plug inside the handlebar, I can measure it for you. No standard bolt would work there unless you can drill it hollow and then broach it to take an allen wrench - usually a job for a machine shop.

Mark Bulgier
Seattle WA USA