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Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 19:56:17 -0500
From: "Dan and Barb Artley/Stein" <>
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I vote for the Weinmans. In '71 I was a shop rat working for not so much and trying to spec my bike as nice as could be. My PX-10 had Mafac Competition's and back then everyone touted "centerpulls" as the best brakes around. I still wasn't happy with them. The racing guys working in the shop swore that sidepulls were quicker, stiffer. I had to have a pair!

A guy walked in the shop with a 60's department store bike with Weinman 500's on them and he wanted better brakes. I arranged a swap with him for a nice clean pair of Racers, not sure I was such a nice guy then, and he got self centering brakes and I got the 500's. (I did tell him that the 500's might be better brakes but not as easy to set up).

The shop had a great set of parts bins and I found a few of the thin brass washers for Weinman's, pretty rare even then, got Mathauser pads, filed & polished 'em, combined them with some modern quick release and adjusters and I had some really great brakes. I'm still using them. First I was using them with Mafac levers, works well with them, then Campy's since I really am a C'phile. Just a really nice combination.

Happy trails, especially with all the nice weather we've been having in the east.

Dan Artley in Parkton, Maryland

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> So it's 1971 and you have a really nice racing bike you want to

\r?\n> spec for

\r?\n> fast time trial stuff. You don't want Campagnolo Record brakes because

\r?\n> everyone has them and you think one of the two would be better and

\r?\n> lighter:


\r?\n> Universal 68s


\r?\n> or


\r?\n> Weinmann 500s


\r?\n> Which would you pick? Neither might be an answer if a good period

\r?\n> correct

\r?\n> alternate were suggested.


\r?\n> Peter Kohler

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