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Subject: Re: RE: [CR]Campy Mexico Cranksets
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 22:18:49 -0800

Mr.s Parker, Maasland, et al.

Dudes, you are taking this one a bit far. First of all I am merely relating what I was told by both a key campagnolo employee and someone that knows and had spent considerable time in the shops of some of the brands in question. Take it for what it's worth or not. The point is that Campy claims to have modified these components in house. How much modification they did and at what stage of finish they took the components to is something that I never asked nor am much interested in. I was merely relating what I heard. I did not attempt to interview the production staff, the guy that straightens the crank arms or the janitor.

Greg, the point in relating the story about campy and mountain bike components was merely to relay the humor in the comment that mountain bikes are unsuitable for the mediterranean personality. Nothing more.

Bryant Bainbridge
Portland Orygun