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Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2006 05:29:05 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <jerrymoos@sbcglobal.net>
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That was my point exactly. I do 70 kph descents on faux lugged stems and on old ALAN frames, or did when I lived in hillier terrain. Some here think that foolish, though.


Jerry Moos Big Spring, Republica de Tejas.

Syke - Deranged Few M/C <sykerocker@yahoo.com> wrote: Jerry,

And tomorrow morning, you could slip in the shower, break your neck, and die right there. So what? You gonna stay in bed forever, quaking in fear?

Live. Do whatever is necessary to make your life worthwhile, ot put a smile on your face, to let that inner lion roar. If I die, be it on a 70kph run downhill on my Rossin that goes horribly wrong, losing it on the Harley, or, for that matter, voicing my reply to some Hell's Angel who told me the club is shut down and get that patch off my back . . . I will at least be secure in the knowledge that I've lived. On my terms.

Life's too bloody short to worry about whether some stem has your name on it. Or any other little detail.

And if you decide to peddle off one of two of that collection, drop me a note - I can always use a spare 22mm stem in the spare parts . Lord knows when I'll stumble across that Super Corsa or Interclub frame . . .

George R. "Syke" Paczolt
Montpelier, VA USA

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> Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2006 16:08:10 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos
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> We recently had a thread about the faux lugged alloy
> AVA "Death Stem". My contention that AVA was only
> one of many French companies selling nearly
> identical stems of this type was supported by
> examples from several other CR members.
> I recenly found an eBay store offering eight of
> these stems, NOS, marked as various brands. They
> were all cheap, no doubt owing to the bad reputation
> of these stems. As I have never been able to work
> up the level of paranoia that some hold in regard to
> these stems, I bought all eight.
> Received the lot today. All are essentially
> identical in design and fabrication, and marked as
> follows:
> One genuine AVA, the "classic"
> Two BF, which I think is Belleri Freres, i.e.
> early Belleri
> One ATAX
> One Pivo
> One marked "Guid", which may loosely translate as
> "stem" - how profound.
> One marked only with an arrow on each side
> One marked SR and "Jun", the Japanese cared enough
> to copy the best
> So, I may eventually cash in my chips and move on
> to that great swap meet in the sky when one of these
> fails on a 70 kph downhill. But the older I get the
> more I think that there are much worse ways to go.
> Regards,
> Jerry Moos
> Big Spring, Republica de Tejas

Syke Deranged Few M/C

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