RE:[CR]Ebay scammer?

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From: "Steve Birmingham" <>
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Subject: RE:[CR]Ebay scammer?
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 20:21:26 -0500
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I'm not sure where Mario got the stuff he had, but when I bought a couple items from him a few years ago I asked if he had more than one of an obscure off-topic item that I hadn't known existed until he offered it. He had not only an additional one, but offered me a good deal on a case. Better deal on a couple cases of them. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he had a big inventory of hubs. I'm local, but he was too busy to meet and pick stuff up.

Shops sometimes make big mistakes in buying stuff. I found out that the shop I used to hang out at had bought at one time (about 1984 or5) 100 27inch wheels with sturmey Archer AW hubs. Which was something they had litle or no use for, but apparently the deal was too good to pass up. They're out of business now, and stuff like that is almost certainly one reason why. A supplier I dealt with had another off topic part, which could have caught on, but didn't so now there's 5,000 or so repair parts hopefully still there. So if someone offered a like minded guy hundreds of NR hubs as a clearance about the time c recor came out, yes, a shop could have a couple hundred or more.

So maybe check it out, but I wouldn't be surprised at all.

Steve Birmingham Lowell, Ma USA

Original message-------------------- my only question is where does someone get literally HUNDREDS of pairs of NOS Campy hi-flange hubs? Buying out a shop might get someone a few sets -- did he buy out a whole warehouse? He has about 140 auctions for them, and almost half of them say "five sets available." And no pictures? His other auctions have pictures. His price is way too high for me, but if I were inclined to bid, I'd make sure someone didn't hijack his account.

Kyle Brooks
Akron, OH