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Good point, Chuck. A bicycle evokes many emotions all over the spectrum. there's a cover for every pot. The stories behind one's like for a bike would be fascinating, and as bike afficionados these would be great reading for most of us I'm sure. I once restored a Schwinn DX ladies Panther spring fork model bicycle for a lady who was close to 40 and got the bike for Christmas when she was 8 years old.
   Her mother was divorced and struggled to make ends meet but saved quarters in a coffee can until she had the $69.95 saved to buy the bike. It was deteriorated and rusty, but she had kept it over 30 years through all her moves. Her mother had passed away a few years prior she wanted to make it new and keep it in her den by the fireplace as a memory of her mother and the hard times they went through together. I said it would cost about $1800 to do all the paint, chrome, rebuilding, ect. The lady said no problem, I have a good job and can afford it, please do it. When it was done the lady came in and stood there with tears in her eyes, said it was just as if she was 8 years old again, and as she wrote the check said that it was the best money she ever spent. Maybe it's only a heavy old cruiser bike to many of you, but I think that's what Chuck has/had in mind. Ted Ernst Palos Verdes Estates CA USA

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> Periodically on the list there is this plaintive cry from some soul, "Why
> don't you guy's ever discuss my one true love, the (fill in the blank
> with your personal fav bike... mine would be the sublime Sears, Roebuck
> and Company, 'Free Spirit' 10-speed bicycle from 1968)."
> I've never understood why someone would need a personal invitation to
> discuss whatever on topic bike they would care to on a FORUM of all
> things?!.
> Discuss.
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