[CR]first timer's impressions of Cirque

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From: <jeff-arg@bizwi.rr.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 13:07:11 -0500
Subject: [CR]first timer's impressions of Cirque

I just got back to Milwaukee from Cirque and am compelled to give my thanks to all of those friendly people who were so cordial to me.

It was a bit intimidating, going to a strange place and not knowing anyone personally; just names I've corresponded with on the list. My instincts were correct, that our common love and obsession with vintage and hand-built bikes, would make for some easy introductions and quick new friendships.

It was awesome to meet some of the most well respected and well known builders and painters like Bryan Bayliss, Richard Sachs, Joe Bell, and others. I finally got to meet many of the guys I've gotten to know via the list and respect, who all have a great deal of bicycle knowledge.

I learned a lot! Much information was shared by others who have common interests. I especially enjoyed my discussions and information shared with some of the "Masi Mafia". I also really learned a lot and have gotten a great deal of information from Paul Lee, who shares my love of Zeus bikes and components.

The Zeus got a lot of compliments and interest. It was a really fun bike to bring, and to ride around Greensboro.

I was so happy to find a Guerciotti framed junior racer at the swap meet. The bike included a number of Zeus components that I had been looking for. I was going to buy it just for the components, but then realized it would make a really cool bike for my daughter Ana. I had to have it shipped back to Milwaukee by the Cycles de Oro crew. She LOVES to ride the Alley Cat behind my Austro Daimler. She will be surprized when she sees what daddy brought back for her from his trip!

Many thanks to Dale and crew for a well-organized event. Thanks again to all the friendly folks who made me feel welcome. Cyclists are some of the best folks I know.

Jeff Pyzyk
Milwaukee, WI