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You are not speculating. I have been looking at that for some time. The new bikes are faster and more efficient. Now the new crop of good athletes, bad skills syndrome has been on us for some time. The same technical courses and above circumstances are a recipe for accidents. One slight misjudgement or out and out mistake, and you're in orbit and hopefully not in obit. Put 175mm cranks, 11 / 12 rear cogs and 100 + testosterone loaded indestructible guys on the course around the corners at over 30 miles an hour, the good times are rolling! Then mix aero wheels with standard spoke rim set ups, at 2 -6 inches apart, what happens to the coasting and braking with wheel overlap when inexperienced and charged guys are racing?? In the drops, it's the lowdown from
Ted Ernst
Palso Verdes Estates

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> Considering how many of the local riders/racers can't seem to ride without
> falling (and sometimes hurting themselves, really badly), maybe these new
> aluminum or carbon fiber bikes are too fast. In the 70's, we might have
> been slower with our DT shifters and steel bikes, but I can't recall
> anyone being picked up in an ambulance. This is in group rides at Como
> Street and later, Simi Valley (early 80's).
> Just a thought.
> Wes Oishi
> SoundCycles
> Los Angeles, CA
> PS. Ralph Carnevale and April stopped by the other day, on their way to
> the Peterson Auto Museum. Have not seen him since he closed Bicycles
> Pacific. I should have bought that black Colnago he had in my size, but I
> was already maxed out buying stuff, when he closed.