Re: [CR]Maybe too fast or not enough road craft

Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2007 01:45:38 +0100 (BST)
From: wilc <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Maybe too fast or not enough road craft
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hi listees, too fast??? on this very note some friends, guys who are experienced cyclists and one time handy racers, were chewing over the recent TDF.... what a palaver??.. . we were of the same opinion, the pros currently seem to have lost their way in bike handling skills. witness, several silly smashes when descending on the wrong line for the corner, totally.. again .another by a top seeded pro on a city street running too far out on the exit... the last guy in my own humble view who demonstrated exemplary bike skills was Lance.. we do however, agree, that the current steeds may not be as forgiving harsher less stable straight forks etc but much grippier tyres and better brakes.... nevertheless, these guys are paid big bucks to be able to manage their machines. I was taught to read the road not just 20 ft. ahead but 100's of yards ahead.. anyway my 2 cents Dale please permit this small OT thread. i am anxious to hear the views that come in.. OFF LIST if need be willie carton. from a wet clammy Coleraine N. Ireland wrote:

Considering how many of the local riders/racers can't seem to ride without falling (and sometimes hurting themselves, really badly), maybe these new aluminum or carbon fiber bikes are too fast. In the 70's, we might have been slower with our DT shifters and steel bikes, but I can't recall anyone being picked up in an ambulance. This is in group rides at Como Street and later, Simi Valley (early 80's).

Just a thought.

Wes Oishi SoundCycles Los Angeles, CA

PS. Ralph Carnevale and April stopped by the other day, on their way to the Peterson Auto Museum. Have not seen him since he closed Bicycles Pacific. I should have bought that black Colnago he had in my size, but I was already maxed out buying stuff, when he closed.