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Harry Schwartzman wrote:

" Excellent, if short, blog on going to Keirin school-for those who are interested... KOF, I think and therefore on topic."
>From the diaries:

"Basically, go back in time 20 years. Whatever bicycles they had then is what they use now and is all that is allowed. For the local circuit this is not a problem, as all these parts are of course easily accessible and used and sold daily in 'the land that time forgot'. In all my wisdom I do see how bicycle evolution has bypassed the Japanese Keirin. Because of the gambling involved, there must be total equality and consistency for each Keirin racer. There is no flexibility on these rules, nor has there been for some time, hence prehistoric bicycles for everyone."

(The CR list -- the place to discuss prehistoric bicycles!)

"Day 2 of tests was kicked off with the 'bicycle maintenance and safety test'. We had to completely disassemble a bicycle under careful observation from an instructor. It must be done piece by piece and in perfect order taught to us a few days prior. No sound must be made by the tools touching the bicycle and no part nor tool can be dropped. When finished you yell 'owarimasu!' which means finished, you then proceed to do it all backwards...

"Hopefully one finishes with a completed bicycle just the way you were given it. Oh yeah, did I mention within the 20 minute time limit? In practice I was pushing it and rolled in in under 10mins. I wanted to be safe in the test and do it perfectly (Virgo), which I did, in around 14 minutes, though. Also, they test all the bolts afterwards with a torque wrench to make sure it was all done properly - I guess so no one dies the next time they go to ride their bike."

Mordecai Silver