re: [CR]Velo Rendezvous Angeles Crest Mount Wilson ride Sept 21 Was: 72

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Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2007 21:04:09 -0700 (PDT)
From: "randy dugan" <>
Subject: re: [CR]Velo Rendezvous Angeles Crest Mount Wilson ride Sept 21 Was: 72
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I did the ride last year, and it was hot at the bottom and cold at the top. Of course, this year could be different, but if I were coming fr om out of state I'd pack a long-sleeve jersey and two bottles. Chuck's des cription of the climb sounds right, however, few of us can climb like Chuck . I did it in a 34-inch gear with two big bottles and was happy to have th em. It was an epic day and one of my favorite rides ever, but it's hard, for real, so be prepared. All those houses in that photo Chuck linked to a re going to be a distant memory by the halfway point. I don't want to disco urage anyone, in fact, quite the opposite, it's an awesome ride!!

Chee rs, Randy Dugan Van Nuys, CA, USA
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Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2007 15:44:40 -0700

Subject: [CR]Velo Rendezvou s Angeles Crest Mount Wilson ride Sept 21 Was: 72

On Sep 4, 2007, at 7:05 AM, Rodney Kugizaki wrote:

> For those knowled geable, a couple of questions re. the Angeles
> Crest ride

> - are there places on the way to get water?
> - seems like around 5000 feet of climbing in 20 miles or so - is
> this correct and is it fairly constant?
> - what should one expect as far as temperature?

> Thanks,
> Rodney Kugizaki
> Tucson, AZ

Yes, there are a couple of places on the way up and back to get

water. (I always took one bottle on the ride.)

The road goes up and down a little on the way up so there is more

than 5000 feet o f climbing in 25 miles. For many, many years I used

a 42 x 21, then much more recently a 42 x 23. I don't think a 26 is

really needed except if you don't ride much in the mountains. I

would describe th e grade as fairly constant.

No way to know what the temps in the mountains will be on September

21... if I had to guess, I'd say hot . But of course it could be the

opposite by then.

Here's a photo of where we are riding to:

< ena.jpg/Pasadena.jpg>

The Rose Bowl is just to the left of the b ridge in the lower right

corner and Mount Wilson is in the middle to p of the photo. It's

seven miles as the crow flies from the Rose Bo wl (750 ft) to the top

of Mount Wilson (5750 ft).

As the Boy Scouts say, "Be prepared." And of course you can always

turn ar ound and go back down the mountain at any point; no dishonor


Ch uck Schmidt

South Pasadena, CA USA (reprints, t-shirts & timelines)

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