Re: [CR] Seat post binder bolt on Chris Kvale bike

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Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2007 15:31:28 -0400
Subject: Re: [CR] Seat post binder bolt on Chris Kvale bike
From: "Doug Fattic" <>
To: "" <>, Tom Sanders <>

Hi Tom,

By now you've probably gotten your answer but I'll respond anyway. I don't remember exactly what type of bolt was used on your Kvale. I'm sure it wasn't anything unusual or it would have stuck out in my mind. I looked at the pictures I took of it after I painted it and that part of the frame was hidden. What I think it needs, is a standard 6 X 1 X 15mm stainless steel socket head bolt. That means 6mm is the diameter, there is 1mm between each pitch and the bolt itself should be 15mm long from back of the head to the end of the threads. In other words the 15 mm represents how long just the threads are. That bolt head takes a 5mm hex tool.

What surprises me is that this might be your first investment cast lugged frame? Stamped and welded or pressed lugs (whatever you call them) have ears that use those Campy bolts. Occasionally there are investment cast lugs that do as well. And sometimes when I used pressed lugs, I cut off those ears and brazed on a binder bolt. If it was a fast back style, where the seat stays went into that bolt (my Hurlow and Hetchins did it this way), I use a 6X1 bolt that is 25mm long. If I attached the seat stays to the side, it would be a shorter binder that uses a bolt 15mm long.

I can get mine locally at my hardware store. I'm sure you can get one somewhere in Lansing as well.

Doug Fattic Niles, Michigan, USA

From: "Tom Sanders" <tsan7759142(AT)>

In the process of building up a Chris Kvale I just got back from Doug Fattic's paint shop (Man Doug really does some gorgeous paint!) I note that it seem to have a most unusual set up for the seat post binder bolt. It is recessed for a bolt head of some sort on the drive side but threaded straight through on the other side. One can take the smaller type Campagnolo bolt and just use the half of it that has the bolt like end and thread it into the hole, but the threads only have two or three threads going into the non drive side ear.I question that this is enough to hold things properly. My apologies if I am not describing this in a clear enough fashion.

I took the frame to a buddy who says it appears that a stainless Allen headed bolt was used instead of a conventional seat post binder bolt.

Might anyone have an insight into what Chris Kvale intended to be used here?

Tom Sanders

Lansing, Mi USA