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Date: Fri, 9 May 2008 09:24:00 -0700
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At 11:02 AM -0400 5/9/08, Via Bicycle wrote:
>one main point about the Pino Stem is
>the stem binder bolt, it appears to be nutted, not a recessed allen
>head, as I have seen in other "current" photos of the bike.

From the photos I have seen, I can't be sure that the stem bolt really was nutted. The bike at Il Vecchio's had an Allen head bolt on the stem, but only partially recessed, so it could be the same stem.
>also in the photo that Ernesto is carrying the bike, bars are Not
>drilled out and appears to have a Cinelli stem, but then again, does
>not have the Windsor decal, and the lower cup does not appear to be
>dark, like the previous color picture of the Pino headset. So it looks
>like Ernesto must be carrying the backup bike????

Yes, backup bike.
>In all the pictures, not of the bars seemed to be drilled.

Agreed. The drilled bars were added later.

By the way, the special issue of Cycle Sport shows a photo of the hour record bike at the Brussels "Eddy Merckx" subway station, and it either is a good replica, or a restoration of the original that tries to be faithful - except for those Windsor stickers, of course. Interestingly, the background shows a photo of Merckx during the attempt, and the stem bolt does not stick out (p. 13, Cycle Sport January 2005).
>it is my 3rd CR post for the day, gotta watch out for Dale.

I may be over-quota myself...

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