[CR] Question on Standover height on 54CM (c-t) Masi GC 1983 San Marcos, CA

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Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 10:46:17 -0400
Subject: [CR] Question on Standover height on 54CM (c-t) Masi GC 1983 San Marcos, CA
From: "Doug Fattic" <fatticbicycles@qtm.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>, Mark Cutrufelli <rena.cutrufelli@comcast.net>
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Mark asked:
> Frame is now being painted by JB and I don't recall standover height.
> It's a 54 (C-T) and marked as such on the BB. The top tube is also 54. Ca n
> someone tell me standover height?
> I need that measurement to compare other bikes I am considering.
> Thank You
> Mark Cutrufelli
> Laurel, Maryland

Hi Mark,

I don't have a 54 (as marked on the frame) but I do have a 56 and 58 Masi. The standover height on them (with narrow tires) is 79.5 and 81.5 cm. So w e can assume your 54 will be somewhere around 77.5 cm (depending on the tires).

A center to center measurement on a Masi is about 2 cm less then the marked amount so the c-c measurement on your 54 would be 52 give or take a mm.

The other interesting thing about Masis - that I was reminded of when I jus t measured their straddle height - was that they are not level top tubes but can slope between 6 to 9 mm. The head tube area being higher than the seat . On both of my frames the standover height at the top tube lug is 4 mm more then it is in the center. This data comes from a variety of Masi owners wh o measured their frames recently.

When I made Doug Fattic frame number 1 in England while I was at Briggs, I wanted to copy the design of the frame Faliero did personally for me (designed not built) . I carefully measured my top tube/seat tube angle with a vernier protractor and it was 73.5º. However what I did not realize was that the seat tube is really just 73º to the ground, the extra 1/2 degree is because of top tube slope.

Doug Fattic, measuring Masis in,
Niles, Michigan, USA