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Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 10:37:37 -0700
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Honestly, I didn't find it cute...nor on topic. Actually, I thought every item

was contrived...and sensed an anti-car, anti-conservative, anti-libertarian agenda in it as well.

One though was right on spot: "I just ride."

Seriously, if someone feels the need to subscribe to some kind of "culture" as part of riding on or working with bicycles - I have to question why they are on

a bike in the first place.

Is it possible that it's because they have to, and hate it, and suscribing to a "culture" is their way of dealing with it. Maybe such cyclists really are envious of motorists? Jealous? Debate away...I have better things to do...

In my case, I like bicycles. I like cars. I just ride and drive 'em. And even when I can't afford a car, big deal. I just get on with it...

Even though I don't really listen much to Dr. Laura, one time I did listen in when she made a point that I think might just fit right in here...

"There are two kinds of women. There are those who hate men. Complain about men. Attack men. Whine about this and that and equality outside and in the home...etc...and spend their life being miserable. Then there are those women

who understand that men are born to women, raised by women, and married to women...and they use that power wisely."

Maybe some cyclists out there need to think about the above and apply it to their cycling life, their relationship with motorists, etc...and give it some more thought.


Robert Shackelford San Jose, CA USA

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