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I have the saddles you speak of on my two most-ridden bikes. The Team Pro is on a (barely off-topic by a year) fixed-wheel road bike, the B17 (standard, not Special, but the same size) on an XO-1. The road bike's bar is a standard drop, the XO's is the stock Nitto moustache bar. Both are below saddle height, but the moustache bar of course has no drop to speak of.

The Team Pro spent the first half of its life on the XO, but I was never very comfortable on it. It fits me best when I am on the drops of the road bike, and really "getting with the program." The B17 is much better for the more upright positions and more casual pace of the XO-1.

Greg Reiche CyclArt Vista, CA USA

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Hello CR,

I hope this counts as "on topic" as I figured there has to be a higher concentration of Brooks saddle users here than anywhere else possibly on Earth.

I am looking to replace the white San Marco Regal on my daily commuter and city transporter with a nice black Brooks. Why? Because it is not a great saddle for riding in blue jeans and dress slacks and the such and I'm tired of cleaning the darn thing. I am in a toss up between the B17 Special or the Team Professional. I know everyone fits saddles differently, so I am asking in your "general" experience which would be better suited on a steel lugged road frame with drops for comfortable city riding in casual clothes. I am about 5'10 and 160 so I'm pretty skinny and can ride comfortably on narrow saddles. The B17 on Harris is described to be suitable for bars that are at or above seat height and mine are slightly below, which has me leaning towards the Pro. On the other hand, seems that plenty of folks use the B17 on their road bikes. Whaddya think??

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