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From: Dan Rogers <drogers@modernmind.com>
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Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 17:11:47 -0700
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Subject: [CR]Frames and Negri Road Bike For Sale

So is it quantity or quality we are after in life? I guess by default I must have been going after quantity and now have to "un-quantity". And since I think I finally located the Hetchins curly stay frame I have been wanting, I need to reduce the herd to finance the effort. So in coming days I am offering the following frames and bikes. I will ship worldwide, or domestic US, or wherever you live - actual postage and extra coverage at your discretion. Local pick-up is gladly well received and I may even be willing to deliver around Seattle! I am a photo-dunce and once I get a hosting site figured out I will post photos. In the meantime I can send individual photos - thanks in advance for your patience. This is the first set of stuff - in coming weeks I will also have a Torelli frame and a complete Pinarello bike - they are packed and once I get them out will do likewise.


1. Early '70's Raleigh Competition - 56cm CTC, green with what looks like nervex chrome lugs and a campy headset - VG+ shape, no BB - looks like English threads - $300

2. 1981 Team Miyata - 55 CTC frame and fork - tange prestige tubing I think (no decals on the fork) - blue and yellow - almost NOS, but has had a BB and headset installed in the past (none included) - $700

3. 1980 Colnago Saronni Red - 55CTC - chrome stays and fork crown - well used - straight and ride worthy, but really deserves a respray - campy BB and HS installed, and includes a SR frt der and Cinelli A1 stem (90) - $800

Complete Bikes:

3. 1972 Renato NEGRI road bike ($2000 including the extra wheels): painful to sell! The Negri is really quite rare and this one was built for Jack Van Gent at the Denver Spoke and had been in the "museum" at Classic Cycles until I bought it -I got this NOS out of the display at Classic Cycles (Jeff Groman) on Bainbridge Island. It has been ridden a fair bit, but is in VG+ condition - no crashes or damage of any kind. I have only seen one other Negri frame - a track bike.

Top tube is 54.5 CTC, seat tube 54 CTC, chain stays are 40 and wheelbase is 97. First about the frame - it is Columbus SL and is pantographed at all the lugs and fork crown ("RN" in classic circular script) - fabulous lug work. Lovely lug work and chrome fork crown and rear drop-outs, Campy 1010 drop-outs. This has been my club ride and vintage/"steel-wool" century bike the last 3 years - together we have done Triple Bypass, RAMROD, Tour of the Unknown Coast and many other century rides. It is exceptionally pleasant to ride! It rides like a milkshake - unusually smooth and forgiving, but climbs like a fire in a pine tree - feels exactly like my Freschi race bike.

Components: Comes with 5 wheels - 2 sets of wheels and an extra rear race wheel: set 1 is a 32 hole Campy Victory Crono rims with low flange hubs, rear is 6 speed with a climbing-friendly 12-28 Shimano FW (come with a near-new set of Tufo tires (700x25 ultralights), the extra rear wheel is the same Victory rim 28 holes with a Regina CX 12-19 FW (no rubber); clincher wheel set are 32-hole on Weinnman rims (I never rode these - they came with the bike - no rubber).

Bellini bars (42) and Cinelli Milano100 stem, NR rear der, brake levers and NOS calipers, and down tube shifters, original 42-52 NR chainrings - all in perfect shape, well-conditioned Concor saddle. SR frt der, seat post and pedals.

This bike is nice enough that I do not ride it often enough - like keeping it out of our frequent rain here in Seattle - strange logic, eh?. It has about 3000 miles on it and all the parts are in that same range of use except the brake calipers - NR and essentially NOS - they still have the cardboard tabs on them and the pads are NM. Everything else is original and period-correct NR, except the SR seat post, black and alloy SR pedals.

Condition - This is not new, but is in lovely shape; the paint is original and has a great patina to it - gold flake. The makers lettering is all 2-color hand paint and they are all in VG+-NM shape - from 3 feet away they are perfect. The Columbus and other "decals" are factory perfect. There are a half-dozen scratches and chips from bike racks and shipping - nothing that a paint match will not take care. The only condition issue is that during storage last winter while hanging upside-down in the workshop the water bottle dripped on the top tube and rust is beginning on 2 of the 3 top-tube cable guides and under the top seat tube lug - again, it can be fixed as a touch-up project or hand finished to metal and repainted - your choice. Nothing structural or major.

Thanks a million - I will post a photo link as soon as I have one!

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