RE: [CR] NOS/NIB 1974 Raleigh Pro MkIV...True!!

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Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2008 10:29:19 -0700
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If it were a smaller size and if I had the disposable income, I'd seriously consider it, mainly because this was THE bike that I lusted after in the mid 70's when I first caught the "fever". In my mind, this bike in this color is what absolutely defined that era for me. For me it's not about investment, value, or logic. I know that there is nothing special about the bike itself, but it is the same emotional attachment one gets with muscle cars, vintage guitars, cameras, etc. I'm sure most people feel like Jerry, but for the very few of us that have developed an illogical, emotional link to such items from our youth, this is pretty special.

Kevin Ko Eugene, OR USA

________________________________________ From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos [] Sent: Wednesday, July 09, 2008 10:14 AM To: KO Kevin; Subject: Re: [CR] NOS/NIB 1974 Raleigh Pro MkIV...True!!

You, know, I've never understood the appeal of these things.  Why would one want to spend $5,000 for an NIP Raleigh Pro, when one could probably get a Singer or Herse for that?

I mean, OK, this is a 30+ year old bike still in the original box, but so what?  What are you going to do with the thing?  I mean, the moment you unwrap this thing, let alone ride it, its value drops by 80% to 90%.  Maybe there is a thrill to opening an old item 30 years after it was made, but that's an awfully expensive thrill.  There are a lot of things more thrilling for $5,000, and some of them are even legal.  Or you can leave it unwrapped to preserve the value, but then what is the point of having it?

But thanks Kevin, it is interesting to see that these NIP bikes are still around, and to see what sellers will ask for them, and to speculate if anyone will actually pay it, and if so, why.

BTW, the last two complete bikes I bought were $179 and $175 respectively.


Jerry Moos Big Spring, Texas, USA

KO Kevin <> wrote:

I saw it with my own eyes yesterday, a new in the box, 1974 22.5" Raleigh Professional. It is at Revolution Cycles in Eugene. This is the listing in Revolution Cycles eBay Store: item # 370067459465

Kevin Ko
Eugene, OR USA