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Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 07:02:26 -0700
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the chainring bolts in pista arms are pressed into the spider arms so that they are flush (on the cs side). i'm guessing your strada arms aren't like this. there is some clearance to be had with the pista arms over you strada arms if this is the case. (i'm a ssuming the bolts or the spider is where the clearance issue is and not the chainring). i'd guess only 2-3mm though.

Jeff Piwonka
austin, texas usa

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> Date: Friday, March 27, 2009, 8:48 AM
> Matthew,

I must admit that your problem defies logic -
> sort of - and i
> s not in accord with what is "supposed" to
> happen. But such is real life
> :-) It is puzzling that a symmetrical 111mm spindle
> doesn't work, since
> that should be what goes with a standard track
> setup.

Still, if the as
> ymmetrical 115mm spindle is too tight, then it would seem
> impossible for th
> e 111mm spindle to work. That is, the 115mm spindle should
> have 2.5 to 3 e
> xtra millimeters on the drive side when compared to the
> 111mm piece. So th
> e 111mm spindle would have to bring the crank even closer
> to the chainstay.

What was the chainline measurement with the 115mm
> spindle? If it was
> actually something like 42 or 42.5mm, I would have to
> think that your cran
> k arm's tapers have been stretched. That is, a new
> crank arm with a symmet
> rical 111mm spindle should provide a chainline of 42mm to
> 43mm. So I would
> expect the 115mm spindle to give you a chainline of at
> least 45mm, perhaps
> even 46mm.

In fact, using the chainline as a
> reference point might be
> the best approach to understanding what is happening.
> Otherwise, you migh
> t be in for new surprises when you finally find a 151 BCD
> crank arm.
> Best regards, Fred Rednor - Arlington, Virginia
> (USA)

> F
> rom: devotion finesse
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> Subject: [CR] My
> C
> ampy BB Woe Of The Month!
> To: "CR discussion
> list" <classicrendezvous@b
> Date: Friday, March 27, 2009, 12:06
> AM
> Gang,I am
> in the process of setting up my mid-50's Frejus
> track bike with
> a
> mix of period components and 70's Nuovo Record
> bits...The darn BB has c
> ontinually caused me a headache.
> This is my latest.
> To get the bike on
> the
> road with what I had kicking around, I was
> previously
> running t
> he bike with a combo of Dura Ace cups, a
> Campy
> 70-SS spindle and Cam
> py NR "strada"
> crank arms (inner ring lip
> ground down).  A little
> > close to the chainstay.
> Not ideal. But it got
> the job done...Until
> I found the
> ideal solution:Or w
> hat I thought
> to be the ideal solut
> ion: When used with a NR
> crankset, the
> best
> case scenario would be
> a Nuovo Record pista BB,
> right? 
> "70-P-120"
> spindle? Given that
> the bike (a) has a 70mm BB shell (b) is
> a P-ista
> and (c
> ) has rear
> spacing of 120...all oughtta be A-O-K.  But
> it
> isn't.This BB has
> a 111mm spindle, which is too dang short for said
> crankarm
> to work wi
> tho
> ut hitting the chainstay.  My question is,
> did
> "70-P-120" spi
> ndles come i
> n multiple lengths?  The 70-SS spindle
> was a
> 115mm.
>   Is this likely the appropriate length for the
> bike?
> When I do final
> ly get around to getting 151
> B.C.D./inch pitch
> Campy crankarms, what B
> B/spindle combo is
> gonna be right?Matthew
> BowneBrooklyn, New York