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For all it's worth, my father used to break in his new leather hiking boots (back in the 60's and 70's) by soaking them in water, then wearing them day in and day out with several thin pairs of socks to reduce friction. I wonder if there is an equivalent here in breaking in saddles. If there's a tension adjustment, would it help to start looser or tighter?

just wondering...

Paul Andrews Ft Lauderdale, FL, USA

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Interesting discussion, and it all makes sense.

However, I have a Brooks Professional with a slightly different issue.

The saddle is circa 1980, and looks almost new. It was on a bike that was barely ridden when new in 1980, then stored until last year. The saddle was apparently never fully broken in.?

The saddle is rock hard. I've given it a couple of thorough rub downs with Proofhide and ridden it many miles, yet it is still hard.?

I'm very curious whether the soaking technique might work it's magic on this saddle, and I welcome input from the soakers among us.?

It's a beautiful saddle and I would love to break it in properly.


Chris Wimpey

San Diego, California


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I love this discussion because the best fitting saddle I have is my Brooks Swift on my Seven. The reason is the second time I rode on it, I got caught in a horrific thunder storm in Iowa (RAGBRAI). That morning it rained cats and dogs and then in the after noon it was a beautiful sunny day, 90 miles later it took the shape of my, well let say my large back side. To my surprise the next day it fit like a million bucks, I have never messed with it since. Water works for me.



Jack Gabus
310 490 3784
Beach, CA