[CR] need some help identifying this bike...

(Example: Racing:Roger de Vlaeminck)

Hey everyone, I'm new to this list and have some questions about a bike. Took the virgin ride yesterday over the bridge (Golden Gate) and really like this thing though I don't really know much about. I actually found it in the land fill, happened to notice it's deep purple tubing with chrome tube ends and grabbed it. In dealing with it for the past month I am fully in love with it. it rides like a champ, though a little big for me. I believe its a 25 inch frame. anyways, maybe you can tell me more about it. Here are the specs and a pic.

it seems to be the purple bike pictured in the Ultima section from what I can tell.

serial # 5594279 Is there any way to tell who owned this bike previously? it would be cool if they knew it ended up on good hands. (if they are alive...)

thanks a lot.
Benji - sunset district san francisco.

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