Re: [CR] Pics of Rally generation rear derailleurs

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Date: Thu, 7 May 2009 12:17:41 -0700
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Subject: Re: [CR] Pics of Rally generation rear derailleurs

The example I have is marked "Nuovo Record", not Nuovo Gran Sport like the one in your photo. Another difference is that it has the NR recessed allen head pivot bolts rather than the cruder exposed hex head bolts on the Gran Sport version. I still haven't heard a definitive answer, either in this thread or elsewhere, whether the "Nuovo Record" allen-head, long cage RD's were actually a factory product or just modifications by dealers or individual owners, fitting easily available Rally cage plates to an NR body. I would think some of the CR members who ran or worked in shops In The Day must know the answer to this. How about it guys, did anyone buy the Nuovo Record marked allen head long cage version through the normal Campy channels for resale at retail?

As per my earlier email I agree that the Rally was not a Slant Parallelogram. But there is confusion in the terminology. I've always understood "Drop Parallelogram" to mean the classic single cable parallelogram RD, epitomized by the Campy Record and Nuovo Record. I've long called the Rally and the Shimano Crane "Horizonal Parallelogram" for lack of a better term, but I don't know if there was a more official term. I'll page back through The Dancing Chain to see if they give this design a name. If Shimano licensed the Horozonal Parallelogram, or whatever it should be called, from Simplex, I'm not sure what Simplex patent that was, because all the Simplex RD's of that design I have seen were much later than the Crane. Maybe someone else knows of an earlier Simplex example and perhaps has a link to some photos?

The only Non-SunTour classic RD I have seen that I would call a Slant Parallelogram was the original Lambert RD, which clearly has the slant action, although otherwise it looks more like a Huret Svelto or SunTour Skitter, which was a copy of the Svelto, but NOT a slant parallelogram. I've heard some reliable reports that SunTour DID sue Lambert over this RD, or at least threatened a suit unless they desisted.


Jerry Moos
Big Spring, Texas, USA

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\r?\n> > Hilary Stone wrote: << Unfortunately the

\r?\n> information on

\r?\n> > is often not reliable - and in the

\r?\n> case of the Rally

\r?\n> > the picture of what they say is the first generation

\r?\n> is actually 2nd

\r?\n> > generation - it has the plastic cups over the

\r?\n> adjusters. >>


\r?\n> > Hilary is correct...

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> > The other problematic part of all this Campag

\r?\n> derailleur dating business is that "in-the-day" we

\r?\n> used to immediately remove and throw

\r?\n> > away those CSPC plastic cup-like

\r?\n> "protectors". To have those on your

\r?\n> > gear was very "Fred".....


\r?\n> Is the only difference between the 1st generation and the

\r?\n> 2nd generation

\r?\n> as defined above merely the addition of the CPSC mandated

\r?\n> covers? IMHO

\r?\n> that hardly qualifies for a generational difference. And

\r?\n> isn't the 3rd

\r?\n> generation as defined by Velobase actually a mountain bike

\r?\n> derailleur

\r?\n> from Campy's short-lived foray into mountain bike

\r?\n> groups of the early 90s?




\r?\n> Unlike the earlier units, I don't see anything on it

\r?\n> stating that it is

\r?\n> a "Rally."


\r?\n> And wasn't there a "Nuovo Rally" as well,

\r?\n> similar to the later Rallys in

\r?\n> lacking the dropped parallelogram but with a smooth body

\r?\n> plate like the

\r?\n> "Nuovo Gran Sport?"




\r?\n> Finally, the Rally -- at least none of the iterations

\r?\n> I've seen, and possibly

\r?\n> excluding the purported 3rd generation Rally on Velobase --

\r?\n> has a

\r?\n> "slant parallelogram" similar to what SunTour

\r?\n> used, but rather a

\r?\n> "dropped parallelogram" similar to what Shimano

\r?\n> used prior to the

\r?\n> expiration of SunTour's patent on the slant

\r?\n> paralellogram design. IIRC,

\r?\n> Shimano actually licensed the dropped paralellogram from

\r?\n> Simplex, along

\r?\n> with the dual-spring design on the upper and lower pivot

\r?\n> bolts (also

\r?\n> seen on the 1st generation Rally).


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