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My apologies for the tardy response.

"Superbe" French pronunciation (with a French accent): Listen to it here: "Superb" common English language variant where the "e" sound at the end tends to be slightly muted in speech. "Superbus" Latin "superb" German (u with double dot) Etc..

When in Rome...

superbe, adjectif 1. Magnifique, très beau. Ex Un corps superbe. Anglais superb

superb 1. first-rate; of the highest quality; exceptionally good, rich and sumptuous in appearance or detail

The word has an eclectic etymology. Some historical uses: Raleigh Superbe, Suntour Superbe/Pro, Nishiki Superbe, handmade tall ships...

Generally, "Superbe", "Superb" are ubiquitously used when referring to real handmade / handbuilt items.

Best Regards, Matt Klucha

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I actually think the correct pronunciation in this case IS "super bee". I always though it was the french pronunciation, but on a recent trip to japan, every shop proprietor referred to it as Super Bee.

Also, I can't believe Don missed SR "Four Sir"!

Sean Flores SF, CA

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> List,
> Superbe is easy and derives from the french term meaning superior. In my
> youth, not knowing anything about it, we always called it Super Beee,
> instead of "Saaperb", sometimes i still refer to my old
> pronouncation.....
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