[CR] Texas Velo Roundup 2010

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Thread-Topic: Texas Velo Roundup 2010
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Subject: [CR] Texas Velo Roundup 2010

Friends: I am seeking advice regarding Texas Velo Roundup for 2010! I *think* the theme will be about the same as last year. Bike show and lunch in the Dallas area, short (20-ish) mile ride following. Event geared toward Vintage and Exotic bikes and equipment.

I am thinking that May 22 seems to have the fewest conflicts. (I am a church organist so Sundays are a bit tough...)

For those who want a longer ride....you might get selected to organize it! I think a longer ride option would be good, but don't have the energy to organize both the event and a more substantial ride.

So...get back with suggestions that would make YOU want to attend!

Cheers from:
Dallas, TX, USA, Earth
Clyde Putman