Re: [CR] Mod E rims

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Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2010 16:12:01 -0500
From: Tim Fricker <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Mod E rims

In a related vein, does anyone know when Araya introduced their narrow, box section rim, the 20A? I have a set I'm putting on my 1978 Centurion Professional, which originally would have had sewups, but I'm opting for clinchers, and the 20A seems the "right" choice. Oddly, the rims it had when I first got it were Module Es, but they were tired enough I decided to replace them now.


MARK &lt; <>> wrote:
>>Module E's came out in 1975.

The tires came out a bit later.

Tim Fricker
Vienna, VA USA