[CR] FS: 1955 Torpado w/ Campagnolo Gran Sport, Open C - and rare Tour bottle

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Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2010 06:33:56 EDT
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Subject: [CR] FS: 1955 Torpado w/ Campagnolo Gran Sport, Open C - and rare Tour bottle

Yes ... it's true ... I'm selling my oldest Torpado, traditionally holding the top spot on the "Torpadorama"* rack (* phrase coined by Dale Brown, for Best Display, Cirque 2005). I've loved and documented it well, but I don't ride it, and in changing the focus of my collection ... she's-a for sale. Link to photos below, but please read everything here if interested.

THE STORY: Believed to be about 1955 ... thus it is about 55 years old! This was acquired from Italy in about 2003-2004, by way of Steven Maasland, thanks again. It was thoroughly gone through for showing at the 2005 Cirque; top to bottom, inside and out with a fine toothed comb (OK, actually fine bristled cleaning brushes), with each and every piece individually and meticulously "revived". This means that I made them all as nice and fresh as can be (even where you can't see when assembled), without refinishing, repainting, or modifying. I did hand polish only, aluminum things like brake levers and calipers, shift levers, stem and bars, and rims. It is cleaned up original. I've had it for several years now, but only rode it up the street and back, after reviving it and testing / dialing in the gears ... probably 500 meters at most, and again, that was 5 years ago.

FRAME FEATURES: Seat tube measures 52cm c-c, and top tube is 54cm. Seat lug correspondingly is stamped 52 on the drive side. Serial numbers on the drive side seat tube, near the top are T6065, where the T is inside an inverted triangle. Open-C Campagnolo dropouts front and rear, with the spring hole present on the rear der. side. There is one oiler hole and screw plug set behind the head tube, as well as one set on the non-drive side top of the b.b. shell. Chromed head lugs, seat lug cluster, fork crown, and dropout faces. Derailleur cable stops and starts are brazed at the bottom of the down tube, and on the chain stay. It is of course Italian threaded with 70mm b.b. shell, spaced 120mm in the rear, and requires nut mounted brakes.

COMPONENTS: - Campagnolo Gran Sport brass rear derailleur with adjustable cable stop, "open-C" back logo. - Campy Gran Sport front der. with the more rare "loopy L" logo on the cage. - Campy Gran Sport d/t shifters with open-C lever logos, and loopy-L logo on band clamp. - Campy early version pump clip with holder mounted BELOW band clamp, instead of above as traditional. - Campy top tube brake cable guides, in chromed steel. - Campy Gran Sport small flange, 5 speed, 36h hubs with c. CAM 55 locknuts (IIRC), open-C logo q/r levers ... note that the skewers are believed original, but I replaced the quick release levers with nicer ones. - NISI silver tubular rims, with no decals remaining. - Regina Gran Sport 5 speed freewheel. - Regina SC black steel chain.

- Torpado logo chromed steel headset (Magistroni?). - Torpado logo "Industria Cicli TORPADO Padova Italy" leather saddle (a rare item indeed).

- Magistroni "circus tent" logo chromed cottered double crank with matching bottom bracket. - Sheffield pedals (I believe, have to look to confirm).

- Universal Extra side-pull brakes and levers with genuine NOS hoods acquired from Scott Davis years ago. - Ambrosio stem and handlebars.

- REG Special chromed steel toe clips. - REG bar end caps and toe strap pulls, in red. - REG (I believe) handlebar mount bottle cage, black, looks like erector set build.

- REG chromed lower pump support - Steel chromed straight seat pin, steel seat clamp and seat post binder bolt.

FINISH & CONDITION: The original light blue (true "celeste") paint shows its age, with several little scrapes here and there, and hints of the red primer revealed in a few places, including where the white lug window infill has been compromised. Down tube TORPADO decals remain, as well as the remnants of the once red colored Columbus tubing decal near the top of the seat tube, seat tube Torpado world logo and silver and white bands spaced out on the seat tube, but they are all aged, partially flaked and faded. Still, what remains of decals and paint is well attached, and not in danger of falling off if you look at it the wrong way, or clean it, like some other bikes. The head tube badge is in remarkably good shape still too. I did not remove the head badge for the revitalization process, and the attachment is believed to be original. No obvious dents, dings, bends, cracks, stress points, etc. ... and there is no rust. All the components are as old as the frame, and while they mostly cleaned up beautifully, they are still aged and antique, so do not expect perfection. Original owner (or factory?) applied highlight paint to the underside of the saddle and parts of the saddle clamp (yellow), seat post binder bolt (white), dropout writing and rear der. pivot bolt (red). I understand this was done for added weather protection, in addition to aesthetics. Much of this has been lost over the years, but it's still clear to see when looking for it, visible in the photos.

NOT INCLUDED in the offer, but shown in the glamour shots, are:

- Tubular tires - I need them elsewhere, and anyway, at least one of them doesn't hold air anymore. - Torpado branded pump - Only one I've ever seen, and I paid about $100 for it, so I'm keeping it. - Le TOUR 1954 La Vittelloise water bottle - Tour photos from the mid 1950s show this exact style of bottle being used by the teams. This is an exceptionally rare bird, and will be sold separately. NOTE: If someone is interested, I will sell the bottle for $150 plus exact shipping, in order to avoid Ebay. Here is an applicable 1949 image scan that Aldo Ross posted to Wool Jersey: http://www.wooljersey.com/gallery/aldoross/pd/LaVittelloise.jpg.html

ISSUES: - The double thread ended, square center shank seat clamp bolt is partially stripped, and will not tighten quite well enough for use without "jumping" a thread. - The three spider arms of the crank are slightly curved backwards from years of Giro d'Italia type climbing. :) - I replaced the worn black brake pads with red/orange Universal pads, which I now believe to be later, but didn't know that at the time. - The gray/blue handlebar wrap is from the 70s or 80s ... probably acquired from Bicycle Classics. - The gray ribbed cable housing came with the bike and cleaned up well, but it's unknown if original or not. - Brake lever hoods, while never used, are showing very slight signs of age from obscured window exposure.

PICS: Here is a link to pics I took 5 years ago, and while my current technique still isn't great ... it was much worse back then, so please forgive things like gleam, dark spots, etc. The last item on page three is a sub album showing the frame only, if you wish to view it unobstructed by components, see inside the b.b. shell, head tube, etc. or see the steer tube. Click on any thumb to see a medium sized pic ... then click on the pic if you want to see the larger clearer view.

<http://www.wooljersey.com/gallery/fujifish1/MarksVintage/Torpado/Corsa_19 55_Gran_Sport/>

Or, use TinyURL: http://tinyurl.com/27v73ht

Again, the tires, water bottle and Torpado pump are NOT included in this sale. I think I've been more than thorough, but if I've left anything out or there are any questions, comments or constructive corrections, please email.

TORPADO PRICE: Given the current world economic climate, I'm asking $900 plus exact shipping to you, using shipper and method of your choice. Packing materials will be supplied by me. I will carefully disassemble as necessary, and pack this old girl small and snug, but VERY well to prevent damage during shipping.

BOTTLE PRICE: As mentioned above, the rare La Vittelloise 1954 Tour bottle is available for $150 plus exact shipping. Good luck finding this one on Ebay in the next five to ten years ... unless it doesn't sell here!!!

Thanks for looking...

Mark Agree
Southfield Michigan, USA