Re: [CR] Team Murray frame by Tom Kellogg vs. Serotta

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Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2010 10:19:40 -0700
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Subject: Re: [CR] Team Murray frame by Tom Kellogg vs. Serotta

There were a bunch being offered by one of the larger distributors in 85 or so. I missed out but a friend bought one of the Serotta built frames without fork or paint. He soon found a fork, engraved MURRAY on the right crown and somehow appropriately MURRY on the left.

I painted the bike in 87, Blue from the front and red from the back, fade. Frank was a self described physics geek and wanted to take full advantage of the doppler shift. I guess he had some pretty fast ambitions...................

Gene Powell Rad Finishes Portland, Oregon USA

On Apr 6, 2010, at 10:00 AM, Brook Watts wrote:
> Some insight on the various Murrays out there:
> Murray was the official bike of the LA 1984 Games so they took over
> sponsorship of the old AMF team in 1983 and renamed it Team Murray.
> They were based out of Trexlertown PA so there's the Kellogg
> connection. Heinz Walter ran the team with the patience of JOB and
> had riders like Nelson Vails, Mark Whitehead, Brent Emory, Danny Van
> Haute, John Beckmann on the roster. These bikes were white.
> Serotta built "Murrays" were used by the Campagnolo Neutral Support
> Team I managed (along side Sou. Calf. legend Chuck Pranke, RIP). We
> had 18 road bikes and 12 track bikes for use in LA. These were
> scattered to the wind post-games as gifts from the organizing
> committee to staff, volunteers, etc. In addition to those Serottas
> there were 6 complete bikes that were used for the season-long Campy
> Tech Support Program on the rainbow Buick. These have shown up for
> sale on occasions. Both the Olympic bikes and the Tech Support
> program bikes were blue
> Finally there were the Team 7-Eleven bikes built by Ben Serotta and
> tagged Murray used by the team throughout the season. These are the
> red bikes that show up for sale every so often.
> Brook Watts
> Longmont Colorado USA
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> Subject: [CR] Team Murray frame by Tom Kellogg vs. Serotta
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> Wasn't aware that some of the MURRAY Olympic and/or Seven-11 decaled
> bikes were made by Tom Kellogg in addition to Ben Serotta.?? Aware
> that some Seven-11 riders used non-Serotta frames with Murray decals
> also, but this is the first Kellogg built frame I heard of.
> One is currently listed for sale on eBay and can be viewed via the
> following auction address (or item #290422301033):
> Regards,
> Kevin Kruger - Grantville, PA